School Connection: Interested to correspond to different countries? Want to develop an educational relationship? If you are a school from South Africa trying to connect overseas, or vice versa, place your message here and get the ball rolling!


Schools on the web. This list comprises over 250 schools in South Africa!

Lichtenberg High School, Germany. Hi there! I'm a teacher from Germany and I'm looking for young South Africans age 16/17/18 for an email exchange with my English class. I'm doing a teaching unit about South Africa in November/December. Thus it would be great for my students to have some real contacts and to exchange ideas and issues. Please contact me if you are interested or if you have further questions. Katrin

Smithers Secondary. Canada. Hi. I'm going on an exchange program to South Africa this summer and I'm looking for any information that anyone might have about the schooling system there. Thanks! Kelsey,

Detroit Technology. USA. I am a tenth grade teacher at Detroit Techonlogy and am looking for an African school to have my students correspond with. Rebecca
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