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This is your page! South Africa Online is your portal to South Africa. We are an independent platform for everything and anything about one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You create the contents, submit your reports or your pictures, you recommend, complain, argue, explain or interrogate. Whatever you have in mind about the Rainbow Nation, whatever you would like others to know about it, this is where you post all your Southafricana. So give us input to put out on this site. Link your South African business for free. This is a very good website, honestly. Help us make it a great one! South Africa Submission...>>

School to school is the rule.

Are you a South African teacher/pupil/school director and would you like to get in contact with European colleagues? Looking for pen pals from across the world? Tempted to go for a joint school project with people from the other end of the globe? We either have the connections you want or we can get them for you. We strongly believe that school kids can only profit from the panoramic window on the world that is the internet, and that the two single most important skills required in the future, communication and networking, can be acquired and honed thanks to cross-border online projects. Drop us a line if you want your school to be represented at Let's start talking with each other. South Africa School contact...>>

Visiting South Africa.

South Africa is more than a venue - it's an attitude. Okay, it's a beautiful, colourful and altogether fascinating place, from the tiniest pebble on Cape Point to the highest rise of the Drakensberg, from the driest patch of the Karoo to the swampiest moat at the Kruger Park. But if it was just nice to look at, you could settle for some photographs. It's more. You have to smell it, feel it and touch it to understand. There's something in the air in South Africa, and unless you are near Modderfontein, it won't be the sulphuric clouds from a nearby steel mill. South Africa always couples beauty with an element of risk. It is the menacing, staring face of the Dark Continent, but smiling gently at you (as long as you tip the guy at the gas station, the waiter, the valet etc). First-timers will be enchanted by its magic. Most of them will come back, or worse, get completely hooked. It will be in their system (the passion, hopefully, and not the malaria virus). So give South Africa a chance. Also, they do need your money and offer you a lot of value in return. No idea where to go? Pick up a few pointers and read our travel reports. South Africa Travel Reports...>>

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